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Posted: Dec 08, 2011

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there was some sun streaming onto my work table and now it has gone. The dogs are lying in front of the fire and I am alone in the studio.

I found a piece of very well worn driftwood some time ago and took a few months to look at it and decide what would suit it best. Since then have cut a rectangular opening into it and will have a hidden piece behind a door which will seem as if it is being framed by the driftwood.

The hidden piece is an old rusty "camera" which I built from cardboard. The image above shows it in early stages of construction. The image on the door is underway...will post images of that soon.

Hoarknockle is trying to complete a version of the Mona Lisa burnt into wood by using a magnifying glass and the sun. He has been sitting outside patiently trying to focus a very watery, cloud obscured sun on his board.