Johann Wessels
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Posted: Oct 20, 2011


dipping into something a little more commercial.... this is my take on the landscape I can see from my studio window. I still want to reference my open/close schtick from my more serious work and am hoping to create a small piece for a commercial gallery in town. The painting opens to reveal a wider view of the landscape panorama. Nothing too tricky or strange (maybe I should incorporate something odd?...but it may scare more conservative viewers)

Using Golden slow drying acrylic that tends to work a little more like oils, I have done the first layer of colour and had to take a break for time to ponder it and get over the stress of doing something like this. Usually I just mess about until something happens, but this has to look like the actual view! Well in actual fact I had to step back and get Hoarknockle to bring me a glass of Willamette Valley Pinot Noir, it helps me ponder.

Hoarknockle has been hard at work carving the faces of hedge fund investors and bankers and politicians into our firewood logs. They are wonderfully entertaining to burn and I feel less guilty about chopping down the forest to feed our hearth. I'm not going anywhere to "occupy" any place, its much too un-genteel. This is my contribution to the protest. The carved log faces. Whilst I sip a fine cognac. Cheers