Johann Wessels
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rust only dreams

Posted: Oct 18, 2011

rust only dreams

what is it about rust that evokes so many feelings? Or is it the colours that are so captivating? Like the fall colours?

This is a piece for the annual Kelowna Art gallery members exhibition, "Abstract"

Ive been using Modern Masters iron paint which is rusted with a special solution they supply. I have used hydrogen peroxide too and it works slightly differently, giving a different range of hues. Its a process of layer upon layer and adding physical texture by using thick layers of paint and sand and bad painting techniques.

I am hoping to evoke the places one finds that have been left to the elements and been eroded by time without the constant hands of men to repaint or repair. Those quiet deserted places that allows introspection and solitude.

While the newest layer dries slowly and I need to think of what comes next, it is time to walk the hounds on the deserted beach.