Johann Wessels
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Brief chronology

1983 BA(FA) University of the Freestate

2001 Work selected for American Society Illustrators post 911 show

2002 Cover art for Brian Jacque's "Ribbajack"

2004 Graphic artist for Terry Gilliam's "Tideland"

2005 Backdrop for TV show "Corner Gas" and "Velvet Devil"

2005 Illustrations for Sean Cullen's "Hamish X" trilogy books

2010 Saskatchewan Arts Board Artist Grant recipient

2010 CQ Journal Professional Illustration Award

2011 Print Magazine Inaugural Illustration winner

2011 CQ Journal Professional Fine Artist Award

2011 Print Magazine "Hand Drawn" competition finalist



Philomel Books

Penguin Canada

Pete Goss Global Adventurer

Prairie Pants Productions

Bike Mag



In the words of others...

"Wessels work reads like a surprisingly beautiful puzzle. Aged
trompe-l'oeil surfaces channel circus sideshow or travelling snake-oil salesman or perhaps some wild combination of the two. Photography is continually referenced even though there are no actual photographic is all painted. Clues to personal history abound, but are left open ended and intriguing. The skill of this artist is never in  question, although the enigmatic and mysterious quality of the subject matter leaves the viewer wanting to know more."
Heather Smith, Curator Moose Jaw Art Gallery


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