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paint hits stucco... mk II

Posted: May 18, 2012

paint hits stucco... mk II

Hoarknockle had to administer some wine to me after some rebarbative pillock hacked into a quiet corner of the web inhabited by my site and a good many others. The site was down for some time and as you may notice..its back. Sadly my last blog died in the crossfire.

And now allow me to return to the classics...erm story about the mural.

In order to ansure a quick transfer of image to the wall, I spent a period of darkness drawing the image onto the wall using sidewalk chalk tracing the image projected onto it from transparencies I printed from my artwork.

I began the following morning and took a deep breath and applied a slightly diluted Benjamin Moore exterior paint...hoping it would flow well and not get sucked into the stucco like ink into blotting paper. (now there is an antiquated concept... only the older more informed among us will get that reference)

The paint flowed well and I was able to dry brush to achieve some levels of tonal variation that gave a more three dimensional effect. I was up and down a rather tall scaffold which allowed me to reach the upper parts of the design. Not a very good idea to step back and try to get a better view of the image. That was remedied by photographing the image and viewing it on my computer at home. I noticed that even delicate brush marks gave very effective changes in tone.

As I was working away upon high, I recalled working side by side with my good friend Jefferson Little my honorary sibling in our Dirty Sanchez Brothers duo. He and I painted many movie sets and did unmentionably dirty things to the background movie goers assume is real. Jefferson on the other hand isnt merely an imaginary friend of mine... go take a look

There I was, all alone on the scaffold as my less than faithful manservant Hoarknockle had declined to come and help by bringing pouring libationary restoratives for me. Its a hard life being an artist, yet it is a burden I carry with dignity and pride. I have since discovered that Hoarknockle was trying to break into the cheese vault where Shana makes her delectable cheeses.

The north wall was the first side of the building to be painted and also the largest and most demanding images. The mural shows two doorways, one into the winery and the other into the creamery. The work went smoothly and I stood back with great relief after the first day of work. Using some pale creamy colour added highlights to make the images pop a bit more and I still had to figure out how to do the lettering at the very top, above the images.

More on that in the next blog.