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fleeing the trees

Posted: Jan 30, 2012

fleeing the trees

a moment of silence for my dear departed old computer.....

here I am pecking away on a venerable old machine which has lasted longer than many. Thank goodness I am able to access my site and blog.

Due to lack of digital creative options, I am only using paint right now.

This is part of a series of pieces I am making that will go on show in June in Kindrie Grove's studio, along with the works of Liz Marshall and Susan McCarrell.

The new landscape I live in is compelling and I am trying to find ways of depicting and interpreting it in my own way. There are enough people showing the colourful exuberance of the area and in keeping with my printmaking roots and love of Rembrandt, I have elected to mine the less obvious veins of visual ore.

This piece features trees in front of my studio in which starlings roost and sit every day. There are some Flickers who hang out too, as well as a few bald eagles who dont seem to scare the smaller birds at all.

In the image there are 4 small doors which can open and will reveal more birdlife inside them.

For now I am missing my digital fix while I wait for paint to dry. I am fervently hoping that Apple will announce a new generation of computers so I wont have to buy outdated technology and have the new toys on sale a week later.