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boxes awaiting

Posted: Jan 05, 2012

boxes awaiting

My friend Don Munro very kindly built me these wonderful boxes to paint upon. I designed them for some rather specific ideas I have for the show I am taking part in in April at the Tumbleweed Gallery in Penticton.

These boxes have little hinged doors that open and close and reveal various things which will require a number of different individual paintings rather than just a single one on canvas as is traditionally done. Its more work. I sometimes wonder why I do this. Probably because it's better and brings a lot more to the work... beyond the ordinary.

The preparation of the boxes takes a bit of time as I sand and work away any sharp edges that typically makes things look new and unused. Then layers of paint to build that wonderful surface reminiscent of old painted walls and mouldings, when they lose that sharpness and almost melt away detail beneath the layers of paint like rings in wood.

Then...and only then will the actual painting begin. Until then I have some modifications to make where paint thickens surfaces too much and the doors dont want to fit well anymore. Hinges protest the intrusion of paint and are less enthusiastic about moving.