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giant's head and a maiden's hand

Posted: Nov 26, 2011

giant's head and a maiden's hand

The Giant's Head mountain is across the lake from me and I see it changing as the light changes all day (not so much at night mind you...) and it begs to be drawn and painted. There is something about it's shape and the way the forms all work together to make this most compelling object, different planes and curves and lines, its almost like a nude sitting out there!

As I have been working on it and looking every so often, I was thinking about it being a giant's head and what story would lie behind it and why the giant would be lying there. Turns out there is a girl involved...there always is. A maiden no less.

Hey...I make up the story to amuse myself. Hoarknockle isn't always around to read to me while I work. I am inventive. I believe that's why I am called an "artist"?

So..there you go. At the top is my nod to the current fashion of EVERYTHING being in 3D. I made a fake 3D stereoscopic picture (dont even try it!) at the top of the panel, then the Giant's Head and below that, the maiden's hand in a pretty little frame. The rest of the maiden is up to you to imagine, I am not going to do everything for you!

This work will shortly be on sale at the Tumbleweed Gallery. As soon as Hoarknockle gets back from finding enough logs to keep us warm for the winter. The Rolls has a lot of space in the back seat for them. I only hope he remembers to put a blanket down as Lady Sandra doesn't like getting pine resin on her bottom.