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its alive!

Posted: Sep 30, 2011

its alive!

Moving to a new city and place is quite a big deal. So many things to do and tick off the list.

Hoarknockle has been in tears trying to find his way around and getting to all the offices to register, apply and submit all the paperwork required to be allowed to live here. Without him I would hardly have had time to languish on the beach at all. Not to mention the many many wineries we have had to visit and taste their vintages.

Amidst all this I have managed to produce a few artworks for the Penticton Gallery's anual auction, the Ex Nihilo Wineries Erotic show and a small exhibition to the north at the Brew Gallery. I was fortunate to take part in the Downtown ReImagine street art competition and had a whole wall to play with. In the spirit of Banksy I tried to create something that would be intriguing without offending anyone....its a fine line.

I used stencils and spray paint (see above photo of me cutting stencils in my studio)..and resorted top brushes when I couldnt make the spray do what I wanted it to. It required about a day and a half of being in the sun. Hoarknockle was unable to assist me as he had to dust the bottles in our extensive cellar. I was forced to do all the simple labour myself and even pour my own drinks. Needless to say Hoarknockle had not packed the gin and tonic I had requested and I was left to survive on water!

Sadly I was not near any of the other artists doing their wall pieces and I didnt see the process nor join in the conversations around the issues of street art aesthetics, which I'm sure was what they were talking about. There were some fine pieces and I am honoured to have been part of this event. I managed to get the award for best piece from the Downtown Business Association Board.

I have met some wonderful fellow artists and other creative and most enthusiastic people since arriving here 5 months ago. This looks like it has great possibilities for the future.

Lady Sandra is still as ravishing as ever and Hoarknockle is being kept busy with simple tasks.... and I am staring at a beverage free studio. "Hoarknockle!"......