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Posted: May 18, 2012

paint hits stucco... mk II

Hoarknockle had to administer some wine to me after some rebarbative pillock hacked into a quiet corner of the web inhabited by my site and a good many others. The site was down for some time and as you may notice..its back. Sadly my last blog died in the crossfire. And now allow me to return to the classics...erm story about the mural. In order to ansure a quick transfer of image to the wall, I spent a period of darkness drawing the image onto the wall using sidewalk chalk tracing the image projected onto it from transparencies I printed from my artwork...

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Posted: May 11, 2012

mural part 1

Phew... time can fly... Back here and able to write some blog again. I have been working on a mural for a new winery, Upper Bench Winery and Creamery. I had seen this building with a sign indicating that the place was being renovated and would become a new winery venue. I had little hope that anything too impressive would result, as is too often the case. I watched it get fixed up and stucco go on the walls ... things were happening. I wondered if they might be open to some artistic input and kept thinking it for a while without actually doing anything about it...

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Posted: Jan 01, 1970

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