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Posted: Jul 25, 2012

winner is....

and John Manders correctly guessed "Rock Vapour Scissors" as the title of the drawing I had recently completed! Congratulations John.... I have to get Hoarknockle to package it up in a sturdy wooden case and put it on the horse drawn wagon.... they should be there anytime in the next year. There are people cheering in the village square and the band has struck up a cheery tune. There are tumblers and acrobats and colourful flags... quite a celebration! Not forgetting the firework display! cheers

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Posted: Jul 24, 2012

completed art

here is the completed work.Still no correct title and still no winner. Frustrating that I cannot post it larger... even so, it needs to be seen on paper to see all the detail. Rather like an etching, its the small delicate marks that I love, much as in Jim Dine's etchings of some years ago. I'll post a larger version on my Facebook page. Good luck!  

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Posted: Jul 04, 2012

name the title competition....

Here is the next teaser for someone to hazard a guess at the CORRECT title of this piece. The lower part of the image is still not complete... but it does offer some further clue. My friend Terry Isaac (the award winning wildlife painter) visited my studio the other day and was so taken by this image in process that he added a few marks and lines to the work...He also cleverly offered the insight that my work spoke of influence by Jim Dine.  

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Posted: Jun 28, 2012


currently being drawn... There is something very compelling about tools which have been used and attained a patina of sweat and use. There is a polish of time that burnishes metallic objects even as it rusts quietly beneath the users hand. Jim Dine did a series of tools and objects as etchings in his delightfully scratchy blotchy style. I often find myself recalling his marks and try to bring that rather randomness of spurious mark making to my work. In the digital realm there is no acid to eat through the ground and produce unexpected grains of texture...

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Posted: May 11, 2012

mural part 1

Phew... time can fly... Back here and able to write some blog again. I have been working on a mural for a new winery, Upper Bench Winery and Creamery. I had seen this building with a sign indicating that the place was being renovated and would become a new winery venue. I had little hope that anything too impressive would result, as is too often the case. I watched it get fixed up and stucco go on the walls ... things were happening. I wondered if they might be open to some artistic input and kept thinking it for a while without actually doing anything about it...

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Posted: Jan 01, 1970

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