Johann Wessels
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About Me

Short history

I was born in the small town of Bloemfontein in the center of South Africa. It was safe and quiet. My father had a masters degree in psychology and had a small toyshop where he sold hobbies and models. My mother danced professionally for a small ballet company when I was young and later took care of the bookkeeping for the shop.

I did all the usual things:School and then compulsory military service. Attended the University of the Freestate and graduated with a BA in Fine Arts with majors in Printmaking, Drawing and History of Art. I did a lot of different jobs in the absence of art positions.

I married a beautiful blonde and we have two blonde sons.

I taught printmaking and history of art at university for many years.

My wife, two young sons and I left South Africa, leaving behind my antique, cast iron etching press ,I switched to digital printmaking using a Wacom tablet and an Apple computer. I worked in the film and television business as an artist for a number of years.

I now focus my attention on my freelance illustration and fine art, allowing them to meet somewhere in the middle.

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